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Christmas tax and accounting

Christmas Accounting Considerations to Keep in Mind

As we approach the end of 2015 our attention turns to rewarding our staff to show them that their hard work and dedication has been noticed and appreciated. There are a variety of ways that employers can reward staff Christmas parties, bonuses, gifts and leave. These

Transitioning Smoothly from a Small to Medium Business

Transitioning from a small to a medium business is a process that leads many start-ups to failure. As businesses grow organically, they begin to outgrow certain elements of their business, such as staff numbers, premises, business processes, software/storage, accounting prac

The “Goldilocks” principle: Which ERP size is right for your business?

We know that growing companies need business management software that can be adapted to the way you do business, rather than the other way around.   So keep in mind Goldilocks and the three bears product offerings as ERP’s can simply be viewed as too hot (big), too co

5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Business Accounting Software

Once upon a time, maybe tracking all of your financial and accounting data in an excel spreadsheet was all it took. Then, as you grew, you probably graduated to an accounting software tool. But, as you continue to grow, so does the need for better organisational tools. S

5 Reasons you NEED to invest in a Business Management System

When a business is just starting out, using several different programs to manage business function isn't a big deal. As a business expands, however, the costs to both time and efficiency can begin to add up. Effective business management software helps businesses address the