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MYOB Advanced software

MYOB Advanced software

Cloud-based ERP business management software for medium-large businesses

Horizon Business Systems are proud Platinum Partners for MYOB’s cloud-based ERP, MYOB Advanced – the result of a multi-million dollar partnership between MYOB Australia/New Zealand and Acumatica; the world leading provider of cloud-based ERP technology.

All the power, efficiency and flexibility any business could need

Integrate your business management system with a cloud ERP solution and the impact is profound. Eliminating your ongoing hardward costs is just the start, MYOB Advanced gives you a fully customisable, infinitely expandable platform for a convenient monthly price.

MYOB Advanced can take your entire business management system to the Cloud, delivering a range of significant benefits. Here are just a few:

  • A system designed specifically for larger Australian & New Zealand businesses.
  • Local support & knowledge from your local accredited MYOB Platinum Partner, Horizon Business Systems.
  • Straightforward monthly pricing plans.
  • A customisable platform with the flexibility to meet future demands.
  • Access on-the-go, anywhere, anytime.
  • Effective inventory Management.
  • Streamlined Sales and Purchasing.
  • Easy accounting and GL functions.
All you need to advance your business

Simplify how you manage your day-to-day with a full-featured suite of cloud functionality.

  • Financial Management
    • General Ledger
      • Bring all of your information together with MYOB Advanced General Ledger functionality. Completely integrated across your entire ERP software, General Ledger gives you access to comprehensive and flexible reporting and analysis.
    • Accounts Receivable
      • Automate your processes, manage customer accounts, and track accounts receivables from anywhere, at any time. Use MYOB Advanced accounts receivable software to generate invoices and send statements, verify balances, track commissions, collect and apply payments and more. The best part? Never lose track of the important details with comprehensive integrated reporting.
    • Accounts Payable
      • Keep track of your accounts payable with the ability to manage supplier invoices and balances, predict cash requirements, track discounts, deliver supplier reports, and much more. Use your web browser to access reports at any time and see how accounts payable software can work for you.
    • Cash Management
      • Manage all your cash needs in one easy location, while keeping your records integrated with your General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Allowing you to predict, manage, and monitor cash across multiple entities and better manage your bank reconciliation.
    • Currency Management
      • Easily support international customers, suppliers, and subsidiaries with currency management features that support your global business. Currency features are found throughout all financial modules and allow you to automatically compute gains and losses, perform account revaluations, and translate financial statements.
    • Tax Management
      • Centralise your tax management information to make configuring, collecting, reporting, and managing your tax easier. You can even use this centralised information to generate your required tax filing reports.
    • Deferred Revenue Accounting
      • Assign a schedule to your transactions or inventory to help improve your revenue recognition accounting in future periods; allowing you to accurately implement and account for deferred revenue and expenses.
    • Inter-company Accounting
      • Manage your financials and reports across related companies within your organisation – all from one centralised location. Share accounts, calendars, and non-financial data for an unlimited number of companies; and automate your inventory transfers, financial reporting, and supplier payments. MYOB Advanced gives you ultimate flexibility in your intercompany accounting
    • Recurring Revenue Management
      • Adapt your business as it grows with the ability to custom-fit your billing models to your business requirements and needs. Recurring revenue management will help you to maximise revenue opportunities through improving your cash flow and billing accuracy.
    • Fixed Assets
      • Include fixed assets into your reporting directly from your accounts payable purchases, imported from an existing file, or individually. Once recorded, use this information to create accurate financial reports, maximise your tax benefits, and meet compliance requirements with ease.
    • Payroll Management
      • Analyse payroll information and reduce payroll headaches with easy-to-use payroll software that offers simplified setup, processing and reporting; as well as the ability to deliver pay via cheque or direct deposit.
    • Mobile Applications
      • Access MYOB Advanced anywhere, at any time, with easy access via web-browser, or use the MYOB Advanced app for iOS or Android.
  • Inventory and Distribution
    • Inventory Management
      • Efficiently manage your distribution process with system-wide inventory control and effective inventory management software – including real-time access to inventory in transit, available inventory, and inventory costs.
    • Sales Order Management
      • Give your sales and service teams real-time data to help improve their operations with the support of centrally managed sales activities. Fulfil sales orders, enter quotes, create shipments, apply discounts, track prices and check inventory all in one place to improve your overall ordering, fulfilment and delivery processes.
    • Purchase Order Management
      • Automate and centrally manage your purchasing processes from procurement through to quotes and invoice payments. Central management of the purchase order allows you to enforce policy and controls, whilst also ensuring a steady supply of materials.
    • Requisition Management
      • Embrace automation and eliminate paperwork by changing the way you gather requests, supplier bids, manage orders and more. Move online to provide sales, shipping, management, and other stakeholders with full visibility over your requisition management.
  • Customer Management
    • Reporting & Dashboards
      • Monitor real-time trends in your organisation with comprehensive reporting tools that give you the confidence to accelerate your decision making. Create and use personalised business dashboards to display different information types related to job-functions, roles, or responsibilities to give you an overview on your current financial, organisational, and operational information.
    • Opportunity & Pipeline Management
      • Automate your sales process and improve the efficiency of your sales teams by providing them with the contacts, opportunities and activities that influence the sales decision. MYOB Advanced can even help you enhance information flow, increase close rates, and reduce sales cycles, with lead assignment and workflow tools.
    • Business Intelligence
      • Focus on what matters to you with the business intelligence software to accumulate key data from multiple sources and provide you with the insights you need to push your business further.
    • Integrated Marketing
      • Improve collaboration between departments with marketing automation solutions that are integrated with content management and financials. Capture leads from web forms, advertisement and more, and feed these into your integrated marketing to help improve conversions, measure performance, and improve productivity.
    • Service & Support Automation
      • Deliver a team-orientated approach to customer support and enjoy increased sales through reduced response times, lower support costs, and accurate billing transactions. MYOB Advanced helps you integrate your service and support activities with sales and marketing to deliver an improved customer service experience.
    • Customer Self Service Portal
      • Create a customer self-service portal experience that reduces customer support questions directed towards your company. Deliver greater value to your customers with 24/7 access to their financial statements, support cases, contracts and more.
  • Project Accounting
    • Project Cost Tracking
      • Automatically track project costs and budget in a system that seamlessly integrates with your financials. You can populate certain projects with employees, resources, and equipment, and you can even associate documents with specific projects for comprehensive management.
    • Advanced Billing
      • Manage complex advanced billing scenarios and multiple variables at once -including fixed price, cost plus, milestone billing, contract specific pricing, and time & materials. You can then choose to modify rates by employee, account group, type of customer, project task and more.
    • Time & Expense Management
      • Ensure accurate client billing every time with simplified time and expense entry processes. Use the MYOB Advanced mobile app to manage entry and approvals anywhere, at any time – giving you more accuracy and control over your project time management and tracking.
  • Payroll Management
    • Saves Time
      • Take the mundane day-to-day out of payroll. Produce real-time reports, access the accounts anywhere and track company files how and when you prefer.
    • Stay Compliant!
      • We keep you up-to-date with tax obligations including fringe benefits, work cover, tax file numbers and more. You’ll be on top of tax changes and keep in step with the ATO.
    • Everything you would expect
      • Payroll, superannuation, leave entitlements and more. Advanced People is a comprehensive payroll solution that grows with you.
    • Flexibility
      • Payroll management accessible from anywhere, any time on any internet-enabled device. Remote access for accountants and advisors is a breeze.
    • Scalable
      • MYOB Advanced is built for forward-thinking businesses planning for growth. As you expand, it supports you every step of the way.
    • Full unification
      • MYOB Advanced is a unified business management suite. Your business can also use Advanced People as a standalone payroll offering.


Moving your business to the Cloud?

MYOB Advanced and Horizon Business Systems will take you there.

While the idea of taking your business to a Cloud ERP might seem a challenge, MYOB Advanced has been developed to make the transition straightforward, while the team at Horizon Business Systems (Western Australia’s premier MYOB Accreditated Partner) will make it easy now and into the future. The immediate benefits, along with the potential for your business to grow, are enormous.

Better Value:  Forget complex or expensive servers or your own data centre which need to be continually updated as your business grows. Enjoy the convenience of straightforward monthly pricing plans.

Powerful, flexible & scalable:  From streamlining workflow, inventory management and CRM to general ledger and accounting support, MYOB Advanced has the flexibility to grow with your business.

Expert knowledge:  MYOB Advanced is implemented and supported by Horizon Business Systems. across Australia and New Zealand. As an accredited partner, we utilise our extensive ERP experience to deliver tailored solutions based on best practice.

Anywhere, Anytime:  MYOB has partnered with Amazon Web Services, a local best-in-class, high availability data storage centre in Sydney. This is cloud-based enterprise software at its most flexible.

Choose the right edition for you

To ensure you have the right system for your business, there are three editions available. This means there’s no need to pay for the implementation of features that you don’t yet use, but can easily scale up as you grow.

Advanced Standard
For businesses that need to manage financials & inventory
Collect and control all financials
Calculate and track GST
Lead and prospect management
Manage supplier relationships
Manage & track stock, across locations
Manage cost and customer pricing
Manage distribution, sales and purchasing
Client self-service portal
See the Advanced Fact Sheet
Advanced Plus
For businesses that need to manage financials, inventory & CRM
Collect and control all financials
Calculate and track GST
Streamline CRM processes
Manage supplier relationships
Manage and track stock across locations
Manage cost and customer pricing
Manage distribution, sales and purchasing
Client self-service portal
Advanced inventory features
Track and report on costs for projects
Fixed Asset Management
Multi-company consolidation
Customise any screen with a built-in screen designer
See the Advanced PLUS fact sheet
Advanced Enterprise
For businesses that need to manage multiple large-scale operations
Collect and control all financials
Calculate and track GST
Streamline CRM processes
Manage supplier relationships
Manage and track stock across locations
Manage cost and customer pricing
Manage distribution, sales and purchasing
Client self-service portal
Advanced inventory features
Track and report on costs for projects
Fixed Asset Management
Multi-company consolidation
Customise any screen with a built-in screen designer
Create customer service contracts
Add new workflow, screens & modules with Advanced Studio
Contact Horizon for more information