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EXO Fixed Assets Module

EXO Fixed Assets Module


MYOB EXO Fixed Assets is an additional module that can be purchased that integrates with MYOB EXO Finance.

EXO Fixed Assets module provides all the tools you need to:

  • Depreciate by book and tax value for up to seven years
  • Group by hierarchy and / or type
  • Locate assets, track them and allocate staff to manage or maintain them
  • Recognise purchase and disposal of assets
  • Report by depreciation, groups, maintenance, revaluation and more.
  • Set and manage maintenance schedules.

Account for your most valuable assets

If your business needs to track fixed assets such as vehicles, machinery, hardware or office equipment for accounting purposes, you need EXO Fixed Assets. It fully integrates with your General Ledger and provides tools to manage all your assets, including:

  • Purchase
  • Location and Tracking
  • Maintenance
  • Depreciation
  • Disposal
  • Asset revaluation
  • Reporting.

Location & tracking

Tracking assets is important for every business, regardless of size. EXO Fixed Assets allows you to quickly check the location of an asset, who has it, when it’s due for return and when it’s scheduled for maintenance. And because it integrates with EXO Finance, your asset information is always up to date to the latest costing or service date – at any time.

Asset grouping

With EXO Fixed Assets you can use powerful hierarchical functionality to group assets by type and function. It also gives you the flexibility to assign default depreciation rates, depreciation codes and asset codes to a specific profit and loss statement on a monthly basis. This is ideal if your assets are spread nationally across numerous branches or offices.

Accurately calculate taxes based on depreciation

Use EXO Fixed Assets to track book and tax values up to seven years. You can also save time by calculating and posting depreciation schedules directly to your General Ledger for more detailed reporting – a must for any medium sized business.

Asset movements

Managing asset movements is easy thanks to EXO Fixed Assets. Simply assign and relocate assets by using an intuitive drop down menu. EXO Fixed Assets will then update the General Ledger automatically whenever an asset is sold or re-valued, giving you a full history of all changes.

Assigning parent/child assets

Every business has different requirements. EXO Fixed Assets gives you the flexibility to link one asset to another, making it considerably easier to track down components part of a larger asset, such as manufacturing equipment and machinery.

Make better decisions for your business

EXO Fixed Assets provides powerful reporting by Asset Group, Depreciation as well as Revaluation and Maintenance. Simply use the Clarity Report Writer to add extra functionality like additional fields and capture information that’s specific to the assets in your industry.

We recommend using it with …

EXO Finance

Download the MYOB EXO Fixed Assets fact sheet or arrange a demonstration of how EXO Fixed Assets and Horizon can help your business achieve.