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HBiz Assignar integration with MYOB EXO

HBiz Assignar integration with MYOB EXO

Building a “business bridge” with the Construction Industry:

Horizon Business Systems has recently helped a West Australian mining company with over 100+ workers integrate Assignar with MYOB EXO Business.

Horizon Development Team, led by Lekha Menon and Chris Johnstone, built the 2 way API integration between MYOB EXO and Assignar.

“During our sales process we came across Assignar via another customer. Our client needed a scheduling solution and Assignar proved to be the perfect fit.

The front-end operation calendar is easy to use and designed for this type of operations. It was important for our client to have a solid collaboration between the operations and accounting teams.

Both teams wanted to use the platform that worked best for their problems. By integrating Assignar with MYOB, we’ve been able to enable this.” said Chris Johnstone, Software Development Manager for Horizon.

Timesheet data is automatically pushed to payroll and invoices
With over 100 workers for this particular client, collecting timesheet data to automatically push into invoices and payroll saves a considerable amount of time and eliminates double data entry and errors.

With the integration, site supervisors use the Assignar Fieldworker app to send all shift data to the office. The timesheet data from Assignar is used to generate invoices and payroll in MYOB EXO.

Everything can be generated by the click of a button. 
The operation and accounting teams are on back on the same page!  The integration enables the client to send data from MYOB EXO to Assignar with the main benefit being that the company now seamlessly manages whole projects from quoting, scheduling, invoicing and payroll within the 2 platforms. Both systems are updated in real-time, allowing easy interaction between the accounting and operations teams.

During the build of the integration product, Horizon’s development team had direct access to Assignar’s API developer who offered great support via email, phone and a Slack channel to ensure that the final product is robust and can be rolled out to other construction industry clientele –  saving time and increasing efficiency.

API Mapping summary:

  • Debtors in EXO to Clients in Assignar.
  • Stock Items in EXO to Roles in Assignar.
  • Cost Groups in EXO to Activities in Assignar.
  • Staff (added as job cost resource) in EXO to Users in Assignar.
  • Serviceable Units in EXO to Assets in Assignar
  • Jobs in EXO to Projects in Assignar.
  • Job Lines in EXO to Orders and Tasks in Assignar.
  • Time Sheets in Assignar to Job Transitions in Exo.

This integration brings together the best construction industry specific software in Assignar with ERP industry leader MYOB EXO as a fully consolidated financial and management software solution, making double handling on site or in the office a thing of the past.

Are you looking for an operation platform that integrates seamlessly with your accounting software? Contact Horizon’s development team today to see how we can help your business achieve.