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HBiz 4Hire

HBiz 4Hire

4Hire makes the item rental process 2Easy!

Feature packed Horizon’s 4Hire manages all aspects of the hiring process. Seamlessly integrated with the MYOB Exo Business Suite, it gives you complete control of your hiring operation – keeping you more informed, helping to deliver outstanding customer service, avoid headaches and save money.

“Seriously 4Hire is amazing and has saved me so much time.”

Joanna Evans – PR Power

4Hire Features

  • True tracking of all income and costs against each individual rental item
  • Full integration with MYOB Exo stock, locations, sales orders, invoices, job costing, serviceable units, & fixed assets
  • Include non-chargeable time in a contract; i.e. Weekends, Public Holidays or Inclement Weather
  • Non-chargeable time able to be specified as Global, per Client, per Contract, per Stock Item
  • Front-of-house user accounts with limited functionality
  • Admin user accounts for full control
  • System tracks all jobs and income from each item over time
  • Rental quoting supported
  • Track rental items by serial number, just by quantity or both
  • Flexible pricing and charging rules
  • Batch pricing changes doesn’t affect existing past entries
  • Choice of charging through invoices or sales orders, straight to Exo
  • Invoice one customer or all customers in one action
  • Ability to generate commissioning, dispatch, repair or exchange jobs against rental items
  • Ability to view future stock availabilities
  • Ability to produce a range of detailed reports
  • Modern, fast and easy to use
  • Ability to sell rental items at end-of-life
  • Easy to read graphical user interface with big windows
  • Supports commissioning and repairs

Download our Horizon 4Hire product information sheet or book a Horizon 4Hire demo to see how Horizon can help your business achieve

4Hire Pro – Includes Job Cost, Serviceable Units, Fixed Assets Support + all Basic
4Hire Basic – Hiring, Downtime, Exchanges, Daily, Weekly and Calendar Month Billing