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EXO Accountant’s Assistant Module

EXO Accountant’s Assistant Module

EXO AC AssThe EXO Accountant’s Assistant is a module specifically designed for accountants. It brings together all the system functions accountants need into a single, easy to navigate interface.

At the heart of the EXO Accountant’s Assistant is a set of comprehensive yet customisable accounting process flows and corresponding checklists.

From these checklists, the EXO Accountant’s Assistant provides a deep drill down into the accounting functions of your business to help you and your accountant keep track of finances and step you through the accounting and tax functions.

From the EXO Accountant’s Assistant, in real time, you and your accountant can:

  • Use pre-defined checklists to step through common processes such as end of period or tax return processing in a single location
  • Access EXO reports, dashboards and accounting functions
  • Use a set of dashboards showing the financial health of the company and the integrity of the EXO system at a glance
  • Use full accounting functionality to query the GL, create journal entries, run reports and manage end of period processing
  • Identify any items that need review or are incomplete.

EXO Accountant’s Assistant is a hub for accountants to access all the key benefits of EXO Finance’s and accounting and finance functions without the need for their own EXO Finance licence.

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