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EXO Serviceable Units Module

EXO Serviceable Units Module




The MYOB EXO Serviceable Units module fully integrates with MYOB EXO Job Costing to better manage the end to end process of servicing items.



The EXO Serviceable Unit Management module is well suited to a range of businesses including:

  • Vehicle Repair Centres
  • Repair and Maintenance Businesses
  • Managing repairs under warranty


With EXO Serviceable Units you can:

  • Store all the details relating to the unit being serviced
  • Track and link warranties
  • Plan service schedules
  • Store a complete history of units
  • Utilise graphical dashboards to help with the management of jobs

We recommend using it with …

EXO Finance

EXO Job and Project Costing

Download the MYOB EXO Serviceable Units Fact Sheet, or contact Horizon to arrange a demonstration of how EXO Serviceable Units and Horizon can help your business achieve.