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EXO CRM Module

EXO CRM Module

EXO CRMMYOB EXO CRM is fully integrated with EXO Business so you can manage all your prospects and customer information from activities, tasks, emails and quotes through to sales histories in one system.

Such comprehensive integration eliminates the duplication of effort, inconsistencies and subsequent errors typically experienced when using multiple systems.

Thanks to flexible customisation, you can set varying levels of access for those who require information vs. those who need to perform administrative actions.

Because everything feeds from the same central data base, you can take comfort knowing that your marketing and sales team will always be armed with current, accurate information.

Integration, accuracy and flexibility – three words that define the perfect customer relationship solution for growing businesses.

EXO CRM has many key features that will enhance the operational efficiency of your business:

  • Marketing campaign capability – users are able to manage their marketing campaigns as a complete end to end process including tracking campaign costs and return on investment;
  • Re-usable contact lists – lists can be created using any segmentation requirements for use in marketing communications or bulk contact needs such as calling overdue debtors;
  • Social CRM features – Social media integration capabilities deliver a true 360-degree view of your customers and prospects while enabling you to better engage with key stakeholders in a compelling manner;
  • Live integration with EXO Finance – enables access to real-time, accurate customer information including opportunities, orders and pricing arrangements – anywhere, any time;
  • Contact management – a comprehensive view of all clients and prospects interactions with the company including their transaction history with a company;
  • My Day tool – a customisable space that allows you to view all your activities including tasks, opportunities, pipeline, orders and sales performance;
  • Sales performance analysis – fully customisable tracking of sales performance;
  • Real time stock management – offers live, accurate an up to date information, allowing for rapid response times to customer queries, and
  • Sale budgets – ability to set realistic, and accurate sales budgets using historical sales data.

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Download the MYOB EXO CRM Fact Sheet, or contact Horizon to arrange a demonstration of how EXO CRM and Horizon can help your business achieve.