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Take your ordering online with HBiz-E-Store


HBiz-eStore (previously HBiz WebB2B) is an online store fully integrated with MYOB EXO Business. It provides convenience and efficiency in customer transactions with a raft of benefits that flow onto your business. It is specially designed to work in wholesale or debtor relationship scenarios, where debtor custom pricing and tight integration with MYOB Exo Business sales orders is a priority.


Automatic Debtor Pricing Rules
HBiz-eStore comes with MYOB Exo Business Debtor Pricing Rules out of the box!

There is nothing to setup assuming that you have special pricing in Exo already. This means that customers see their price and not an RRP. If you have different rates for different order quantities, these price breaks are also displayed.

HBizEstoreIncreased Sales Volumes and Order Flexibility
Having an online web-store puts you one step ahead of your competition.

Having an online web-store puts you one step ahead of your competition. Customers can get online, search for what they want and place an order in the time it takes your competition to put the customer on hold while they check if there is any product in stock. Being open 24/7, 365 days a year is a real boon to clients who are outside your time zone or who simply work late and wish to place orders after the close of business.

You can still retain your traditional means of order placement; phone and fax, but your customers most likely will embrace your new online ordering system once they see how easy it is. Even better for you, the order information automatically enters your EXO accounting system with no margin for error from re-entering data.

Save Time
You will save time in more ways than one. Eliminate the need for double data entry associated with phtac.one and fax orders.

Customers will be able to find product information, logically categorised to answer their specific questions. Provide as much information as you like. With the ability to attach as much data in PDF, Word format etc., and thumbnails that expand into fully detailed pictures, your customers will not need to call you to find out whether your item comes in blue, is in stock in their required quantity or meets a particular specification.

Once they are satisfied, they simply press a button and sales order is generated at your end. Of course, your customers too will appreciate the time that they are saving as much as you.

Full Visibility, Regulated Control, Efficient Warehousing
You specify whether customers can see full stock level details, whether a product is in stock or not or no stock information whatsoever. Customer specific pricing is automatically applied due to the integration with MYOB Exo Business. Updating or discontinuing stock in Exo? No problem; all changes are immediately reflected in HBiz-eStore, as they share the same database.

This increased operational visibility extends not just to your customers but also to your suppliers should you wish it. One of our clients allowed their suppliers to see stock levels in order to suggest re-orders, thereby achieving ‘just in time’ production whereby stock came off the ship and onto a truck to go straight out to the customer, doing away with the need to house the product in a warehouse. It is possible to reduce the warehouse cost and space required.  The system can be customised to be as open or closed as you require.

Boost Your Credibility
Impress your customers with your advanced e-commerce platform.

Enjoy a system that allows clients not only to see what is on your website, but to buy from you with convenience and safety, which will help drive sales and ultimately is the reason for having a website in the first place. Why would your customers buy from your competition when it is so much easier to buy from you?

Features of HBiz-E-Store
Seamlessly integrates with MYOB Exo Business stock items, groups, pricing
Generates sales orders in MYOB Exo Business
Thumbnails available for each product
Progressive order total
Order history - see what was last ordered
Search by product or category
Browse by category
Customer specific pricing taken straight from MYOB Exo Business
Unlimited number of log-ins per account; distinguish between different people placing orders within the same company.
View list of orders online
Registration by Email
Change password online
Beautiful, vibrant design possibilities
Choose from a variety of themes
Extra fields on products
Detailed stock level informationDocument attachments on stock items; PDF etc. Great for product data sheets
Integrated help for users throughout the product
Order templates for easy re-ordering
Handles back orders
Disallow sales orders to customers with 'stopped credit'
Individually adjusted item quantities on one screen before batch ordering
Ability to use the HTML product description to include anything from a simple product description to an embedded YouTube video
Product thumbnails and category thumbnails
Custom categories - if stock groups aren't appropriate for use on your website, these can be customised.
Restricted debtors - in this mode each debtor can be restricted and only allowed to see particular items.
OCI – Online Catalogue Interface. Large customers using SAP or other large accounting packages can register your HBiz-eStore site URL in their system in order to build purchase orders.
Easy to manage basic shop style changes
Check and change account details online

Case Study – Novus Chemware

The Business Issue
After several years of steady growth, Novus Chemware, a supplier of products to Chemists and Pharmacists, increasingly found barriers to ordering were arising, especially with rural or interstate customers due to the time difference. Data duplication was also causing unnecessary headaches.

“We have regional customers from country WA, as well as the Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland as well. Because we needed easy access for customers to search our products and the opportunity to place orders after hours and between rep calls, we were attracted to HBiz-eStore.”

The Solution
HBiz-eStore was implemented within a week eliminating many of the duplicate data issues. Support was provided to begin voluntary customer migration to the new platform.

HBiz-eStore is great for them mainly to search if we’ve got a particular product and want to place an order, and it keeps the customer in contact during the time in between rep visits. Sometimes our rep can’t get out easily and there are 6, 8 or 12 weeks in between visits.

Because of the new HBiz-eStore system, many rural customers who were finding it increasingly difficult to place orders suddenly found many of their ordering issues had been resolved. For Novus, this minimized the risk that a customer would switch to a competitor.

“The graphics are good and clear and the pictures too. Once you get the categories and sub-categories sorted, it makes it easier for the customer to find things. I have to say the pictures come up quickly.From my point of view, one of the biggest advantages is that since it is linked to our Exo software, there is very little I need to change; most of it is automatically done. Discounts and new products are automatically shown and if we discontinue a product, we just remove it from the database and it’s gone from the website. There are very few things we have to touch as long as products are added to the right place. That’s the beauty of it.

I must say the support is very good; it is very easy to get through. They have remote access into our system and errors are fixed pretty quickly.”

Testimonial:  “Novus Chemware is a middle-sized WA company which has been growing over the past 7 years. We had come to a stage that we need to be more accessible for our customers, particularly those who live in rural areas.

We had to firstly improve my accounting software and finally chose MYOB Exo Business. One of the reasons was the affiliation of an e-commerce software company, Horizon and the biggest factor was its link to the Exo database. The objective was to minimise duplication of data, stock and customers between two aspects of the business (In-house and e-commerce).

I was simply amazed how easy it was to setup and almost straight away, the website was up and going. As always, with anything new, there were a number of teething issues, particularly that we needed to have things done differently, which were all taken aboard and accommodated. There were no complaints from the Horizon team saying “it can’t be done!” but a positive attitude that something will be done. And it was.

I appreciate the support from Horizon and am very pleased with the end result. I look forward to the continual improvement of the software.”

– Bruce Sherry
Managing Director
Novus Chemware

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