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HBiz Dispatch

HBiz Dispatch

Finally, a program for the delivery industry that delivers every time!

Hbiz dispatch logoAre you spending too much time sorting through invoices and creating run sheets for your drivers?

Dispatch works together with MYOB EXO Business to significantly streamline and simplify the delivery processing; saving time and money and ensuring customer satisfaction.

HBiz-Dispatch was designed to meet the needs of importers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers using the MYOB EXO business suite where your business model involves regular delivery run scheduling. Simplicity of design, use, and configuration ensures that you can be up and running within minutes.


  • Automatically print in order all your production sheets, delivery sheets, and invoicesusing templates or custom ordering.
  • Extremely simple and powerful; easy to understand and quick to respond •Will not interfere with normal EXO use, so there are no disruptions to your operations.
  • Create an unlimited number of custom run templates, with customer lists, drivers andvehicles assigned to each.
  • Reads and writes live to MYOB EXO database to save any changes instantly. •Stores all data in the EXONET database to keep backup procedures simple.
  • Gives you control over which invoices to deliver, in which order, in which vehicle.
  • Runs as a separate Windows application which allows unlimited users.

Download the HBiz-Dispatch fact sheet and organise a HBiz Dispatch demonstration to see how Horizon can help your business achieve today!