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As a business grows, so does its complexity. Connecting the varied processes and operations to it can be a challenge.

Understanding your business processes and having your business management system built around them can transform your entire operational approach – and deliver real, quantifiable business benefits.

Like having easy access to the information you need to make critical decisions, gaining a deeper understanding of the efficiencies that drive your business and that all-important big-picture view – along with the ability to drill down to the details when it matters.

MYOB Enterprise Solutions offer a suite of enterprise systems covering finances (ERP), business operations, inventory control and client management (CRM), employer services (payroll and HR)– giving you the ability to make smarter connections across all aspects of your business with a fully integrated management solution built around your individual operational approach.

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Connecting General Managers

Technology is changing the way everyone does business. MYOB has invested $75m towards a vision that doesn’t just give clients the solutions, services, and support to achieve their goals – but also a way of working that they can define on their own terms.

Technology is changing the way everyone does business. MYOB has invested $75m towards a vision thatdoesn’t just give clients the solutions, services, and support to achieve their goals – but also a way ofworking that they can define on their own terms.

For larger, more complex businesses, the MYOB Enterprise Solutions suite provides the tools, processes, and infrastructure necessary to build a successful organisation. The suite comprises of optional modules – including remote access technology such as Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix, or the EXO Anywhere Module – which allow for greater scalability and growth via a fully integrated ERP business management system.

So what does this mean for a General Manager?

A general manager of a business has broad, overall responsibility for the organisation. While each department manager may be responsible for one functional area, the general manager is responsible for all areas. They are the big picture people. They have to know how the company is faring; which department is excelling and which is lagging behind; what products are selling; and which customers need a little nurturing because the competition is trying to steal them away.

Doctor Benjamin Esty – Chair of the General Management Program at Harvard Business School – says that a successful GM gets ahead “[…] by knowing more and more about less and less”. Critical to a general manager’s success is their ability to have a broader view of the network of internal and external factors that affect their business; having direct access to the information needed to make critical business decisions. With a deeper view of the performance of individual line processes, they will have a deeper understanding of the efficiencies that are driving the business – and when to act. If all of this can be brought together into a unified management view of the business, they will finally have that all-important big picture view.

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Michael Pendred, Managing Director – Horizon Business Systems

Assessing new software? Make sure it does what your existing software does well!

Too often we find businesses focus heavily on what their existing software does poorly but forget to review the good things.

For example your business has multiple stock locations and you have a need for this functionality as well as serial number tracking and barcoding. You find new software that does this well but later discover; after using it for several months, that it doesn’t allow for merging of stock codes, reversing transactions or changing codes. Your existing software did this very well, in fact, you took these features for granted and didn’t document them when assessing the new software program.

It’s important to list all of your business needs, in particular the quirky things you do, when you’re assessing new business software. Invite your entire team to put forward suggestions as to what would make their day easier, or more efficient. Ask them if they have a “wish list” of features, reports, processes that they would like the new software to achieve for them. Not only will you end up with the best program for your business, you’ll also find that your team will appreciate the change and be positive influencers in the critical first few months of using the new program.

Make a list and stick to it. Don’t be fooled by slick sales peoples banter, showing you features that look glossy but provide no intrinsic benefit to your business. If you have assessed a number of products and have ticks and crosses it will allow you to look at it objectively and make the right decision. Just as important as feature sets is the business partner behind the software, the people that install, train and support you. Make sure they’re local, have dedicated teams in consulting and support, and can provide you with good references. This can be the difference between a poor installation and a smooth one.

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