MYOB EXO Business - Enterprise Accounting Software

Horizon Business Systems have been implementing MYOB Enterprise Solutions, in particular MYOB EXO Business for over 10 years.  

MYOB EXO Business is a fully integrated financial and business management system consisting of modules supporting Finance, Job Costing, Point of Sale, Fixed Assets, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll, Reporting and Inventory Management.  It also acts as a business intelligence software solution.

By providing a unified view of the internal and external factors affecting your business, EXO Business gives you direct access to the 'big picture' information you need to make critical business decisions.

And by allowing a deeper view of your individual line processes, EXO Business gives you a clear understanding of what's driving your business, with the ability to 'drill down' to the details behind every transaction.

EXO Business will give you a true business management view of your entire operation.

Big business tools are no longer just for big business!  

Examples of modules are listed below however to understand how MYOB EXO can work in your business, please contact our Sales Team for a full presentation. 

EXO Finance - At the core of the EXO Business system, MYOB EXO Finance provides a complete and rich set of accounting, inventory control, sales and purchasing management. Find out more

EXO Job Costing - See the lifecycle of a job from quote and budget through to profitability analysis and variance reporting. Find out more

EXO Accountants Assistant - A portal for your Accountant/Advisor that includes a set of comprehensive yet customisable accounting process flows and corresponding checklists to help manage your accounts more efficiently.

EXO CRM - Manage customers and prospects, opportunities and sales budgets, produce extensive reports, run end-to-end marketing campaigns and integrate with social media networks to create a true social CRM system. Find out more

EXO Point of Sale - Combine an integrated financial application with powerful retail features. Find out more

EXO Managing and Paying Staff - Integrated solutions to give you complete visibility and control of your payroll costs. Find out more

EXO Fixed Asset Management - Keep track of depreciation schedules, maintenance and valuable assets from within your general ledger. Find out more

EXO Intercompany Reporting - Process your general ledger transactions from all you businesses into a single company Find out more

Alternatively, you can review our Industry Whitepapers or download MYOB EXO's Product & Services brochure here:

MYOB EXO Products & Services

Horizon Business System's award winning team can design and install a custom ERP software solution using MYOB EXO to not only fit in with your current processes, but further improve them. See our Business Software Systems, MYOB EXO Consultants page for more information.